Accounting Software - November 21, 2018

Benefits of Sage Accounts Software

Sage accounts software has been an industry standard in the accounting world for some time. That in itself speaks volumes about its quality, reliability and robustness – all of which are attributes that make up some of the benefits of Sage software. The fact that the accounting packages or modules put out by Sage are also recognised as an industry standard is itself something of a benefit. Because a large number of companies are used to using Sage, and because plenty of accountants are also used to using Sage, it is a lot easier to resolve inter company and inter departmental accounts issues because everyone is generally familiar with the system that is being talked about.

There are of course specific benefits to the new Sage accounts software packages. The biggest and most obvious benefits of Sage software are to be found in its modularity. Current accounting packages are available as discrete modules, which can be bolted together to form bespoke accounting packages according to the needs of the company doing the accounting. For one of the first time, companies no longer have to buy an accounts package that contains all sorts of expensive things they are never going to use, just so they can have an accounts package containing the one thing they actually need. Modern Sage software allows companies to pay, pretty much, just for what they want – and they can always bolt on another module later if their accounting needs change again.

One of the other big benefits of Sage accounts software can be found in its ability to do more than just straight or basic accounting. Even the entry level Sage packages allow companies to manage projects, and synchronise inter departmental contact with customers and processes. All of the packages have been designed to help departmental heads and overall managers keep a proper and close eye on the projects, and therefore the money, that is flowing through their hands. One of the biggest benefits of all in the Sage world is the software’s ability to raise alarms when projects come close to going over budget. The benefits of Sage software here are massive. Not only does the programme ring a warning in when a whole project is going over budget or time – it is able to track the budget and time commitments of individual project segments, and warn project managers accordingly.

Ultimately, the new generation of Sage accounting software packages have been built to do two things. First, they have been made to make accounting as cheap as possible for all companies that use them. And second, they have been made to make inter departmental and project accounting as simple as possible for everyone concerned. Using Sage software gives companies a very real chance of keeping a better eye on all of the little bits and pieces that can so often get overlooked. And that has to be one of the biggest benefits of Sage software of all.

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