Seminars - July 25, 2019

Ready-Made Engineering Seminars – Good Or Bad?

How many times have you been asked to do a presentation or take a seminar? Those who are familiar with such presentations and seminars know that it is a tough job. For taking a seminar you need to collect information about your topic, make presentations comprising all the key points of your research, and present them in front of your audience who are keen to ask doubts. Collecting information has now become an easy task with the wide use of internet. Now you can access, download and modify data anywhere around the globe.

Are you an engineering student who is looking for a seminar topic to present? Or looking for a good project to execute in your final year? Being and engineering graduate I know the difficulty associated with presenting a seminar in front of your professors and colleagues. In your busy academic year, you hardly have the time to invest in making a good presentation or even in choosing an interesting topic. And when the deadline for your presentation is over and you are sweating in the seminar hall with your presentation which is missing many vital points, you will be wishing you had some source to obtain a ready made seminar data.

The last one year saw the development of many websites offering seminar topics and other presentation materials to engineering students. And most of them are administered by engineering students, may be for helping out their fellow juniors from the trouble of making a seminar or making a little income through pay per click programs. Whatever the reason may be, these websites are good sources of information. You can search these websites for seminars and presentations on various engineering topics like electronics, mechanical, computer science, medical engineering etc. These websites offer data that are down-loadable for free. These are ready made presentations which you can either modify if you want or directly present in front of your audience. These websites make the tiring job of preparing for a seminar very simple.

But like everything this too has a bad side. The down-loadable seminars offered by these websites are either been presented by other students of the previous years or are directly copied and sorted from other websites. Though they help to make a quick presentation, the quality of the content and its accuracy are questionable. Also is it expected from an engineering student to do a presentation that is not really his own? No, what is expected from him is to find resources, modify them, learn them and then present them. People attend seminars to learn something new, not to discover what is already discovered. Especially for a final year project, students have to come up with their own ideas, not someone else’s. Having easy availability of ready made seminars and presentations cease their ability to research and question, the essential qualities which are expected from engineers. It is these abilities that make people engineers and help them to invent something new, or modify what was already invented.

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