Why Do Refrigerators Open From The Left?

Which side should a refrigerator open?

Most fridges are right handed because most people are right handed.

But depending on how your kitchen is laid out, a left handed fridge may suit you better.

You should be able to walk from an open fridge to the kitchen sink without walking arond the fridge door..

What happens if a refrigerator door is left open?

Falone says leaving the refrigerator door open makes the unit’s compressor run hotter and takes longer to cool — as well as burns more electricity. “If left open too long, it can make the compressor — which cools the refrigerator — overheat and shut off until it cools off,” Falone says.

How long until food goes bad if a refrigerator door is left open?

Is food safe if the refrigerator door was left open overnight? Most refrigerators have a built in thermometer that will tell you: as long as the temperature is still 40 degrees, the food is safe. According to the USDA, food held at temperatures above 40 degrees for more than 2 hours should not be consumed.

Can you change the side your fridge opens?

So if your fridge door often gets in the way, How To Be A Handyman offers a DIY guide to change the direction it opens. … In essence, you will be unscrewing all the hinges of the freezer and main door, and then put the hinges on the other side—your fridge already has a space for them.